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This is your Forum to ask questions, share news and events, network, collaborate and share work and research

In this group we have over 500 chemsex responders, including people who engage in chemsex; former users; researchers; therapists; social workers; health and service providers; people from harm reduction, HIV, HCV, LGBTQ+, sexual health, and mental health organisations; colleagues and friends

ReShape is the secretariat for the Chemsex Forum, convened three forums in London, Berlin, and Paris, and hosts this Chemsex Forum Platform on

“It is time to work together to find solutions to the chemsex crisis. We all have a duty to repair and an ethical responsibility to work towards change. We will provide our experience and passion, our knowledge, resources, and cooperation. People impacted by and responding to chemsex need commitment, respect, funding, and support.” (from the Chemsex Position Paper developed by committee from the second Chemsex Forum)

How to get started

Share your work

If you want to start a conversation and/or share chemsex related work and research please click the tab of New Topic write the subject and add the relevant hashtags for more details using the library user guide 

Access the library

The Chemsex Forum Platform library holds all the chemsex resources shared within the group. The library is sectioned into detailed subfolders according to regions and languages. Here is a user guide to easily help you navigate  the library easily

You can access online resources through relevant hashtags

Managing your platform access

You can control how your email is delivered or how often you receive messages at

Ask for support

This group thrives on maintaining dialogue and developing projects with other chemsex responders around the world.  Please feel free to ask questions and/or create subgroups for discussions

If you need any support in navigating the platform please email Yasir, our Community Coordinator at

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The Chemsex Forum Secretariat


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